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hi, this is food for bees, a community about an ongoing photography project.

share things from photos that excite you or give you a sense of the other, like losing your teeth, exploring a cave, running from the police every now & then, eating honey from the jar, getting dirty, shoes with paint on, climbing trees, swimming in the sea, getting your first bee sting, stargazing, crawling through narrow underground tunnels, watching the sun rise, taking a picture of someone you don't know, catching a frog, going on a roller-coaster, running through a stranger's backyard for a shortcut, winning a lottery ticket, going to a concert, making/lighting a bonfire, wearing a mask, going on midnight bike-rides, running through a cornfield, falling off a swing, something that feeling in your stomach, blowing up firecrackers, etc!

you don't even have to post at all if you don't get into taking photos, you can just stay to watch the show! photos with people in the woods or swimming in the sea, riding a bike, climbing a tree, doing the things i mentioned above are all welcome! also, all photos of people going down in the woods or photos of the woods and forest are all welcome.

so what are you waiting for, join!